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In the epicenter of cutting-edge internet technologies, the company "GTN Technologies" was founded only a few years ago and has already made a significant impact in the field of internet users and internet technology specialists.

The company represents the offspring of the U.S. corporation Tulix Systems Inc. (, which has been successfully operating in the American internet market since 1994. This unique synergy is made possible by the fact that Tulix Systems Inc. was established and is managed by our compatriots, who constantly strive to integrate the latest and most advanced internet technologies in Georgia.

Our company's services encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from the supply of high-quality hosting services for internet operations, network administration, web design, development of complex internet applications, marketing research in the internet sphere, and general IT consulting.

With our company's services, we cater to various organizations, both large and small, as well as average and small-sized enterprises. All of these are bound by our comprehensive knowledge of all internet requirements and our dedication to the most advanced technologies in this field, as our company continuously operates at the forefront of "cutting-edge internet technologies."